Worm Infestation

This treatment was commissioned and sponsored by Fjord Ltd on the Island of Harris and Lewis in the summer of 2007.

The aim was to demonstrate that the Bioemitter technology system could significantly reduce the number of worms in the heavily infested fish.

Bioemitter worm Trial
Salmon Worm Infestation Trial Results

Experimental protocol and execution by Phillippe Sourd then of Fjord ltd. The duration of the trial was one month, 20 fish were weighed post mortem and the worm load counted and weighed. At the end of the trial a further 20 fish were taken and the examination repeated.

The result was significant with a 63% reduction in the average worm load on the salmon.

No casting of the worms was witnessed as with chemical treatments, the fish merely digested the worms and excreted normal faeces.

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