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The Bioemitter Aquaculture Farming System for Salmon is designed to keep sealice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis and Caligus elongatus) under control in salmon cages without chemical intervention. The system is based not only on environmental deterrence and in decreasing the vitality and fecundity of the sealice but also keeping the salmon in prime health with strong immune systems to resist disease and predation.

The system is simple, maintenance free and provided on a rental basis. Throughout the rental period the system can be reprogrammed and focussed to deal with any additional disease vectors that may threaten the salmon and updated for optimum performance.

We work with each individual farmer to ensure that the environment, husbandry and welfare all contribute fully to happy healthy fit salmon.

At market time this results in an added value, toxin and chemical free salmon with optimum quality in taste and texture.

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