Sealice Data

Muirachmhainni Teo

The Bioemitter farming system was in continuous use for over three years in Muirachmhainni Teo salmon cage sites on the West coast of Ireland and the lice counts there showed an almost complete absence of fecund female lice within the treated cages indicating that these bioemitter treated cages do not contribute to the overall sea lice population. The blooms of sea lice that appear at certain times are seen but the system reduces those populations and keeps the overall burden to an acceptable level, without the need for chemical intervention.

Download PDF Here – Development History Connemara, Eire

Download PDF Here Sealice Data Muirachmhainni Teo Eire 2007

Download PDF Here Sealice Data Muirachmhainni Teo Eire 2008

Download PDF Here Sealice Data Muirachmhainni Teo Eire 2009

Marine Harvest Eire
Cranford Bay

Data collected by the Marine Institute Inspectors over a complete year of operation 2006/7 with the Bioemitter technology from ten 90m salmon cages.

The data shows the blooms of juvenile sealice that occur naturally out of the environment at certain times of the year. Not only are the blooms contained and eventually eliminated but that most significantly there are next to no pregnant female (gravids) sealice recorded. Hence in conclusion:The salmon cages equipped with Bioemitter technology did not contribute to the overall sealice population and enabled good control of the sealice blooms with significantly reduced or no chemical treatments.

Download PDF Here -Sealice Data Cranford,Donegal Eire 2006/7

Clare Island

Download PDF Here -Sealice Data Clare Island, Eire 2008

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