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What we want from you

A designated person responsible for the Bioemitters on site.
Daily checks when possible on the Bioemitters to make sure they are secure, in the correct place and working.

Timely communications with lice counts, and as required : lice samples, any symptoms or concerns, disease samples, feed samples, water samples, water temp, oxygen, pollutants etc issues with seals, birds or other predators. Jellyfish or other threats
Regular and prompt payment.

What we expect from you

Good husbandry and site management. If we see issues that compromise the fish’s health we will tell you and expect you to deal promptly with those issues.

What you can expect from us

Regular communications. At a minimum a telephone call once a month for a status check.

A site visit for installation and staff training. At least one other site visit within the year and more frequently if necessary.

Advice arising from our surveys and energetic analysis of the state of health of the salmon, feed quality and the site in general.

As soon as practicable replacement of a defective or damaged unit.

What you can expect to see

Our experience shows that mobile and juvenile lice are around in the sea in greater or lesser numbers most of the time.

Some times of the year the lice will overwhelm the system by swarming onto the salmon. These swarms will clear and the lice will not mature into breeding capability.

That is, lice you see in the cage have just arrived, and will be leaving shortly, one way or another.

It is important to monitor and understand this new approach, as before the Bioemitter system the arrival of significant numbers of lice would have meant chemical intervention.

Contact Auraengus on +44 (0)131 20 848 20 

Bioemitters Ltd, The Lodge, Lindsaylands East, Biggar Scotland ML12 6NR