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UWP – the Unseen Water Pollution

Rivers, seas and oceans are inundated with pollutants that are completely undetectable by the casual observer, and yet without a doubt have a profound effect on aquatic (and all) life. These UWP’s are as varied as all the chemicals and toxins poured into the eco system since the advent of industrialization.

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Many billions of tons of agricultural chemicals still now flow  through our watercourses to our aquifers, waterways and the seas. Ask yourself – will this toxic cocktail enhance life or create a downward spiral of health? Chemicals designed to kill – kill. That is their nature.

Oceans and rivers have their own cleansing and detoxifying systems – which because of the continued onslaught are now having extreme difficulty in coping – indeed they are not. Warming through climate change will of course speed this process.

It makes little sense where fish health is compromised already by a toxic environment to continue to treat with chemicals whether treating larger organisms such as sealice or antibiotics for bacteria. That intensifies and exacerbates the problem.

It requires a paradigm shift in thinking and action to stop and reverse this Unseen Water Pollution and to create a non toxic environment.

It is essential to stop polluting the water, whether from land run off or direct with insecticides, pesticides vermicides and all the other agents used in conventional agriculture and aquaculture.

The Bioemitter Farming System controls pests and diseases without using toxic chemistry – or any pollutants, it also assists and supports natural systems of detoxification, as well as boosting the immune systems of the fish or animals being farmed – health requires no intervention.

The Bioemitter Farming System is a new sustainable system of farming, it will help detoxify and return to health the oceans, seas and waterways and all that live therein.


What happens when you take the fear of sealice out of a salmon farm?

The fear of sealice is a very real energetic charge that is creating stress in salmon production worldwide. When we remove that fear from a particular cage, disconnecting it from the collective body of fear, removing the vibration of fear from the fish, (and the personnel working there) the fish stop attracting lice, because lice are attracted by the fear… Continue Reading

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